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The Latest Trend to Reach New Leads With Facebook Ads

If you’re like millions of people, you use Facebook every day. Even if you don’t, as a business owner you have heard that Facebook is a good source to generate leads. What about high quality leads?

Is it possible to find quality leads on Facebook?

The key to generating high quality leads on Facebook is understanding your audience and the context they find themselves.

Most Facebook users are visiting via their mobile device and and since Facebook is primarily used as a place to get away and be entertained, that needs to be taken into consideration when creating your ads. Unlike Google Adwords, the customer is not searching your service out, but rather scrolling across your message. Keep this in mind when designing your ads.

At this stage they may not even be aware that they need your service yet.

The way customers are choosing to interact has also changed. They want to take the least amount of steps possible to get what they want.

That is why Facebook Lead Ads can be your new best friend.

What is a Facebook Lead Ad?

Lead Ads make it easy for potential customers to submit their information to you without ever having to leave the Facebook or Instagram platform.

Creating these types of ads make it easy for users. Lead Ads allow you to create forms right on Facebook that are prepopulated for the basic user already stored on Facebook.  

You can even add additional questions to help you better segment your follow up message.

What should you include on your Lead Ad Form?

At this stage, only ask for information you truly need. Asking for too much information can affect your conversion rate. Asking too little may provide lower quality leads.

Facebook best practices recommends that up to 3 custom questions is ideal, but this will depend on your campaign and audience.

Cold audiences = fewer questions (email should ALWAYS be something to collect!)

Warm audience – more questions.

Give me some ideas for Lead Ads:

Quote or Estimate Requests


Free Trials


Giveaway Premium Content (Checklists, Tips, Handouts)

Newsletter Sign Ups

Increase Event RSVPs

Webinar Attendees

Once the forms are submitted make sure you are following up with your new leads.

You can create a custom audience of those people who submitted the form and create a lookalike audience to find more people likely to take the same action.

The most important part of your campaign is to follow up. Make sure to deliver quickly and make sure to include a Welcome message to remind them why they are hearing from you. This is a great time to provide information about your main product or service. Make sure to include a Call-to-Action.

Give it a try!

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