Stop trying to do it all #automation

How to Set up AcuityScheduling with JoinMe.

Automatically set appointments that fit everyone’s schedule and send meeting links to participants. 


We love Infusionsoft, this is no surprise. We use the powerful small business CRM in our own business. Additionally we often need to schedule appointments with clients for Consulting Sessions. We use AcuityScheduling and love the integration along with Mocknick Apps

 We want to set something up once and have it beautifully automating in the background til the end of time…

 Let me show you how to set up AcuityScheduling with JoinMe so your appointment get scheduled and blocked on your calendar, as well as, automatically creating a meeting in JoinMe. 



Product Sale
Customer picks Appointment time
Appointment Reminders
Block time on your calendar
Set up meeting
Send link to attendees
Reminders, and link to meeting
Welcome Customer to your business
Segment Customer for later follow up

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25 Things Every Business Should Automate
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  1. Gain (and retain leads)
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  4. Provide great customer service
  5. Promote events
  6. Complete routine office tasks
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